DC Intra-oral X-Ray PHOT-XIIs

Crisp imaging and ease of use makes the PHOT-XIIs an integral part of any dental practice

Control module

Easy to use and compact microprocessor control module includes kV, mA, patient type, tooth type, cone type, film speed, exposure time and digital-ready selection switches. Automatic and manual modes are provided for optimal selection of parameters for each patient and tooth type.

Patient cares

High frequency x-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation. Air kerma readout feature aides operatory staff with monitoring exposure radiation for patient safety.

Image clarity

Small 0.4mm focal spot produces detailed diagnostic imaging.

Zero-drift balance arm

Lightweight, ergonomically contoured X-Ray head is easily positioned for perfect positioning every time.

Simple, intuitive controls and operation

Subcontrol allows operator to control all aspects with a simple touch. Radiation Dose may be viewed on the display with the press of a button. 36 exposure settings including Adult / Adolescent and Child presets with manual override functionality.

5 years warranty

xray photx2
xray photx2

Bel-Cypher Pro

Delivering powerful digital imaging solutions with superb diagnostic quality exposures!

Sharp imaging

Produces industry leading crisp diagnostic quality panoramic (adult & child), lateral (4) TMJ, and bitewing images while reducing the amount of X-Ray dosage by 30% thanks to the super sensitive Hi-Resolution CMOS sensor.

Multi-mode bitewing / TMJ

For interproximal caries detection, the bitewing imaging mode is especially useful for obtaining images from patients that experience “gag” reflex with sensors or film holders used in traditional intraoral imaging methods.

Tomosynthesis mode

Tomosynthesis mode can compensate many positioning errors by selecting the best image from 31 layers (30mm range). Allows selection of the clearest image even though a patient’s dentition is off in the anteriors or left or right in the posteriors from the standard orbit.

Simple positioning

3 bright red laser beams are used to simplify the alignment of patient Frankfort, mid-saggital & focal trough planes for accurate imaging.

Image enhancing

Image Brightness, contrast, gamma and edge enhancement are adjustable through the Bel-Cypher Pro’s Graphical User Interface.

5 years warranty

xray belcypher
xray belcypher